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Give Yourself Permission to Ask for Help

A huge part of your recovery is giving yourself permission to ask for help. You don’t have to grip tightly through your troubles on your own. Loosen your grip and allow yourself to reach out for help. Strength isn’t about doing things on your own. It’s about knowing when you can’t do it all on your own and allowing yourself to speak up and ask for the help you deserve. You shouldn’t expect yourself to do recovery on your own. A huge part of the journey is allowing someone to walk with you and guide you when you need it. Give yourself permission to ask for help today.

You Are Not a Burden

Many people resist help because they feel like a burden to those around them. If you’re feeling like this, you are not alone. You should know, however, that your support system is in place for a reason. Those people want to help you be successful in your recovery. They don’t want to see you hurting. They want to help. Let them help you.

Ask for What You Need

If you never ask, you will never receive. It’s up to you to let others know when you need their support. Don’t wait until you are in dire need of support to ask for it. The people in your support system are not mind readers. Let them in on what’s going on when struggles begin. This way, they can help support you before things take a turn for the worst. Waiting to speak up until you are in an immediate emergency is harmful to everyone involved. Allow yourself to ask for what you need.

You Deserve Support

We know that you may not think so, but you deserve support. You don’t have to walk alone in your recovery. You are not weak for needing someone’s help — you’re human. We all have asked for assistance in the past. No one has it all figured out. You are important and worthy of the support you need. Don’t let those feelings stand in the way of saving your life.


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