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Grieving a Loss

Grief can be a whirlpool of emotions. You may be able to get through one stage of grief but then get stuck in another. Getting stuck in one stage can look like going around and around for a long time — you aren’t making any progress. You may feel like life has come crashing down around you, but you don’t have the coping skills to tread water and deal with the situation. This leads to feeling like you are drowning. Villa Tranquil Recovery wants to help you move along to the road of recovery. We want to give you the tools to help you tread water until you are able to swim again. Here are the different stages of grief:

  • Denial

Life may be going well, but suddenly a major event happens. You lose someone you love or you get news that crushes you. Whatever it may be, you might feel like you’ve been thrown into a pool without knowing how to swim. You then begin to deny that you don’t know how to swim because dealing with the realization is too much to bear. In this stage, you may find yourself feeling numb. This may turn into questioning how you’ll make it through. This is the beginning of the next stage…

  • Anger

In this stage, you have come to terms with the big event that’s happened. You stop avoiding the situation and become angry with it. You realize that you don’t know how to swim, and how you are flailing around hoping to suddenly learn how to stay afloat. You may start to put blame on anything or anyone in order to get some relief for yourself. Finding a reason for the pain may seem like a form of healing for you. This leads you to the next stage…

  • Bargaining

The bargaining stage begins once you have found some relief from your anger. This anger turns into desperation. You may yell out to anyone who can hear you that if they just throw that lifesaver over to you, you’ll never play near the pool again. You’ll bargain and say you’ll do anything and everything to avoid having the situation get worse. You just want things to go back to normal. Once you realize this isn’t possible, you go to the next stage…

  • Depression

In this stage, reality has fully set in. You realize that things will not change. You may then become overwhelmed with sadness. Once you realize that there is no one to throw that lifesaver over to you, you begin to tread water while figuring out what to do. You may find yourself feeling empty and sad. This is usually when individuals will turn to substances to help them get through their sadness. Over time, however, the sadness will fade. This brings you to the next stage…

  • Acceptance

The acceptance stage is where you want to be. Villa Tranquil Recovery can help you get here safely and healthily. You haven’t forgotten, but you know now that you will be okay. Good days come with time. Reach out to us today at 214-799-3080 for more information about how we can help you.