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Grow: Accept The Challenge

“Setting yourself a goal can often be daunting, but taking small steps towards a bigger achievement is good for the soul,” says Rebecca Hanmer, author of “Challenge accepted” for Wellness Journal magazine. Once you set a goal for yourself, you must dive head-first into the deep end! We know this can be scary, but you’ve got this! Let’s learn more about how you can accept the challenge.

Adapt and Survive

Setting challenges for yourself and testing your limits is part of adaptation. As humans, we’ve been conditioned to learn that in order to survive, we’ve got to adapt to our surroundings. We all want to reach our full potential, so adaptation is in our blood. The key is learning how to test ourselves, without pushing ourselves too far. “A challenge puts us in contact with parts of ourselves that we wouldn’t otherwise see,” says psychologist Kimberly Wilson. “It’s difficult to know how we’ll manage in extraordinary circumstances. A challenge can be a safe way to test these capacities. A manageable amount of stress or pressure can make you psychologically stronger and more able to deal with difficult circumstances in the future.”

Going for Goals

As long as we make sure that our basic needs are met, we should be able to set goals for ourselves and strive for them. Any challenge you set, no matter how small, is a challenge to push yourself toward with all of your strength. Don’t let others’ views about your goals get in the way of achieving them. What is a small goal for one person may be a very large goal for another. “We all have different needs and abilities — it’s about stepping out of our own comfort zone,” explains Wilson. Don’t concern yourself with those around you. Focus on your goal of recovery and work toward that goal each and every day.

Choose Your Challenge

Figuring out what goals to set for yourself can be difficult. According to Wilson, “The barometer should be your ability to demonstrate self-compassion, to treat yourself with the same decency and kindness as you would a friend who was telling the same story. If your challenge is physical, remember to have rest days and proper nutrition. If it’s non-physical, bear in mind that we need to pause or ask for help at times, no matter how capable we are.” Recognizing what your strengths are but making sure not to push yourself too far is the key to choosing what goals you should set for yourself.

Track Your Challenges

  • My challenge is…
  • I aim to…
  • By when/for how long…
  • Other challenges I’d like to overcome over the next few years…

Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help you set goals for yourself throughout your recovery. We know that complacency is detrimental to the recovery process. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring that our clients continue to grow and reach for the stars as they navigate the road towards the life of their dreams. Call us today to learn more about our services, at 214-799-3080.