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Habits Are Powerful

Everyone has habits, good and bad. Some of our behavior becomes automatic, like eating lunch, brushing your teeth, or calling a loved one on the way home. These routine behaviors can be seen as positive habits. There are, however, negative habits. Addictions usually fall under the negative habits umbrella. Having a glass of wine each night with dinner may become a habit for you if you like to relax as the night winds down. If you are able to know your limits and have it once in a while, a glass of wine isn’t bad. However, if you have an alcohol addiction, this glass of wine can turn into two or three and lead to an every night thing. Once this activity has become a habit, it can be extremely difficult to break it. Your brain becomes used to the routine and reward from the activity, making it hard to stop. You must take careful practice trying to break your bad habit. Alison Morgan for Psychology Now explains that it’s possible, saying, “It is possible to create new neurological patterns in your brain — new routines that overpower the not-so-good behaviors. It just takes a bit of awareness, decision, and repetition.”

How Do Habits Get Their Power? (Psychology Now by Alison Morgan)

  • Step 1: Trigger
  • “A cue will trigger your brain to go into automatic mode and tell it what habit to use. This can be anything from a time of day, a place, an emotion, the company of certain people, a visual trigger, and so on.”
  • Step 2: Routine
    • “The actual behavior that happens can be physical but also emotional, for example, eating a cake.”
  • Step 3: Reward
    • “This can be physical sensations or emotional payoffs, something that helps you work out whether this pattern is worth remembering. It could be a sugar rush from a chocolate bar or feelings of pride you might get from being praised.”
  • Step 4: Craving
    • “As a habit is developed over time, your brain starts to anticipate the reward. As soon as you experience the trigger, you start expecting and craving the reward, which is where habits are really powerful in driving you to do things without you realizing it.”

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