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Help Others to Help Yourself

It may seem contrary, but sometimes the best way to help yourself when things are tough is to reach out to others that are experiencing hard times and offer them all the help you can. The benefits of volunteering are plentiful. Research shows that volunteering actually reduces stress. It can make you feel better about yourself which consequently increases self-esteem. Just like a domino effect, as you think more highly of yourself, your confidence will grow. Feeling more confident about yourself gives you more willpower and inner strength which help you resist cravings and deny triggers.

Another great benefit from volunteering is the sense of purpose it creates. No more waking up and wondering why you were put on this Earth. You are valuable, and volunteering reaffirms your inherent self-worth. Sometimes having a responsibility to others can what you need to get you out of bed in the morning.

Volunteering creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. When you feel like you just aren’t good enough, helping others can remind you that you are capable of getting through this and you will be ok. Also, many types of volunteering are group activities or put you in a situation where you are working with other volunteers. This can be a very positive way to enjoy some socialization as you working with like-minded individuals. People working together for the common good can create an incredibly positive environment. These activities will also keep you busy. Distraction can be a great way to get out of a funk and allow you to focus on something other than your problems and concerns. Lastly, depending on the organization you opt to volunteer with, you may find this to be an excellent means of keeping your body physically active, also, which has its own multitude of benefits during recovery.

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