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Helping Women Heal

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.”

-Helen Keller

The ability to help women heal from the perils of addiction relies on a capacity to understand what women really need in order to get better and live better lives.  As professionals of the field now operating a women’s transitional living home, we have heard countless women share with us the messages that they give to themselves- messages regarding willingness, surrender and acceptance.  Women say things like, “I can’t go to treatment because my family depends on me” and “I can’t be an alcoholic I am a mother”.  Shame and stigma riddle women with addiction and prevents them from feeling they deserve to get the help they need. Women are still taught that they are to behave in ways that are “ladylike” and acceptable by society’s standards.  They are to drink in moderation and not in excess.  They are to handle all of the demands of motherhood, career, relationships and every other task they take on with grace. Stress is to be expected, but never implied.  If women do experience a sense of feeling overwhelmed they must cope with it in private.  

Villa Tranquil invites women in recovery to do the very things they have been taught not to do. Stop putting what everyone else thinks in front of you. Put you first. Your needs first. Your real needs first. Once you do that, you will not need to drink and use drugs anymore.

  • Put yourself first. That means stop drinking, stop using, and ask for help.
  • Ask your family for support so you can help yourself and help them in the process.
  • Surrender to the fact that addiction is one thing you cannot control and you cannot fix on your own.
  • Understand that it’s going to take someone or something greater than you to help.
  • Recognize that you have anger, resentment, fear, and shame. Allow yourself to realize this is normal, this is human, this is being a woman.
  • Go to treatment. Gain insight on who you are as a woman, not just who you are in the roles you play.

What we know to be true is that women get help much later into their addiction than men. By the time women do get help, their disease has often progressed to the point of major physical, emotional and mental health problems. Women hide their disease for fear of ridicule and stigma.  They often believe that the shame of admitting they are chemically dependent is greater than the pain of their addiction. We created Villa Tranquil out of the knowledge that women need a sacred space to heal, which is why Villa Tranquil is:

  • A staff that understands the importance of safety, respect, validation, and empathy.
  • A place where women can be challenged in a loving way
  • A therapeutic environment where women are allowed to share openly
  • A home where women can begin to see themselves for who they really are
  • A learning environment for developing healthy tools for healthy self-care


Villa Tranquil is a unique opportunity for women to attend a transitional care facility after treatment. Take your time to heal and gain your life back in our beautiful estate home on Jupiter Farms, Florida. Call 214-799-3080 for information.