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Hormones and Painkillers

It’s no secret that painkillers are a popular extracurricular drug. Painkillers, like opioids, are one of the most common addictions for women, and their popularity and availability has continued to increase at alarming rates. Opioids are incredibly addictive and wreak havoc on your body, your relationships, and all area of your life.  

What is it about opioids that make them so addictive? Why aren’t other painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen just as addictive? The answer lies in how each medication treats pain. Painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen target the area in the body that has pain, and they decrease the inflammation while blocking pain receptors in the localized area. Opioids have a far more invasive approach. They target the entire central nervous system. Opioids seek out hormones known as neurotransmitters and bind to them, effectively blocking them from doing their jobs in your body. While this does take away the pain signals that those neurotransmitters were sending to your body, these opioids also block the production of endorphins which are the body’s natural way to elevate and maintain your mood. In their attempt to alleviate pain, opioids diminish your body’s ability to produce the necessary hormones causing a myriad of emotional and psychological issues.

The more accustomed to opioid use your body becomes, the more likely a physical dependency is to occur. Physical dependence means that because your body can no longer produce the hormones it needs to function correctly, your body will need the opioids in order to assist in hormone regulation. Physical dependency often leads to a full-on addiction. Don’t let opioids wreak havoc on your life. Get the help you deserve.    

Dealing with addiction is a painful and stressful process. Even when your primary treatment plan is complete, there is still a long road ahead. Be proud of the progress you’ve made thus far, and use that to create the momentum you need to continue your journey of sobriety. The transition from your primary treatment facility back to your home can cause anxiety and worry. If that transition seems a bit too daunting, consider a positive, supportive environment like Villa Tranquil. Villa Tranquil welcomes women between the ages of 18-65 to join their addiction experts and those recovering from addiction in peaceful, healthy surroundings. Call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to speak with an addiction expert for more information. Don’t delay, create your best sober life today!