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How Can I Care For Myself After I’ve Experienced Trauma?

Trauma changes you. It shocks you, hurts you, and leaves scars — sometimes visible, sometimes invisible. No one goes through life unscathed by trauma. Of course, some people experience truly heinous acts that others cannot even think up. But, everyone has their baggage. The difference from person to person is how we handle the trauma we are faced with. For some people, they can deal with the trauma and use it as a motivator to not let it rule their life. Others may be plagued with life-long memories and have trouble going from day-to-day. Those who struggle with life after trauma may be experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some people dealing with PTSD may turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with the trauma they have experienced. There are ways, however, to cope healthily with the trauma you have faced. Although many people dealing with trauma must attend therapy to learn concrete skills to cope, here are some small things you can do on your own to lighten your mood and help make you feel better in the moment. 

Take care of yourself

When someone is struggling with PTSD, they may not be doing the bare necessities. Although this may sound basic, make sure to eat nutritious foods and drink a lot of water. Get enough sleep if you can. These things will heal your mind and body. Your complete well-being is essential.

Release emotions

After a trauma, there is probably a lot of pent up energy within you. It may come up in the form of anger or aggression. You need to release this energy. Exercise vigorously or attend a self-defense class to exert energy and get those feelings out. This helps to de-stress both your mind and body.


There are people who love and care about you. You are not a bother to your fries and family. Feel their love and support by being around them. Let them know that sympathy or pity is not what you want. Empathy is necessary, though. 

Retreat healthily

If you aren’t feeling like connecting with other people, maybe retreating is a good idea for you. You must do it in a healthy way, though. Don’t isolate for days at a time, but if you feel like a situation is toxic, remove yourself from it and get some rest. Don’t be around things that trigger you. Give yourself the respect and love you deserve. 

Ask for help

Trauma groups can be a good sense of support for you if you are struggling. These can be especially good for those that feel alone in their struggles. Attending individual therapy sessions are also helpful for giving you the tools to cope with and move past your trauma. 

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