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How Can I Transform My Life?

Changing your habits changes your life. This can be a difficult task that feels like an uphill battle. That’s because, for the most part, it is. Much like Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, there is a “Pyramid of Transformation” created by Amber Rae, an author and motivational speaker. When you’re trying to recover from an addiction or another mental illness, transforming your life can feel insurmountable. There are stages, however, that you can follow to take it step by step. You can get to a place of joy after changing your habits. Recovery is attainable. Today, Villa Tranquil Recovery wants to go through the five stages of Rae’s Pyramid of Transformation as it relates to mental health and addiction recovery

Step 1: Awareness

“Something needs to change.”

Realizing that something needs to change is the very first step. Without this realization, there is no way that you can move forward. Denying your reality only hurts you. If you’re struggling with an addiction, you may not even see it at first. Those around you, however, might urge you to get help. Take their advice. Seek help today. If you let it go long enough, your addiction or mental illness with wreck havoc on your life until you are forced to acknowledge it. Create a space where you can make yourself aware of your problem. Your future self will thank you. 

Step 2: Responsibility

“I create my reality.”

Once you have created that space of awareness, you must then realize that you are responsible for your actions. Change cannot occur unless you become responsible for your actions. Commit to change by taking control. You create your destiny. Don’t let it slip away. Take responsibility today. 

Step 3: Forgiveness

“I release shame and blame.”

Once you’ve realized that you have an issue and that you are responsible for it, you might begin to blame yourself for the things you’ve done wrong. Now that you are committed to making a change, work toward that by forgiving yourself. Release the negative feelings you are holding on to. You cannot change the past, so don’t dwell on it. Work now toward changing your future for the better. 

Step 4: Peace

“I feel safe.”

To maintain your recovery and sobriety, you must give yourself a peaceful place to practice it. Safety opens up so many doors. By creating a peaceful and safe space, you are committing to giving yourself the space to change your habits. Allow yourself this space — you deserve it. 

Stage 5: Joy

“I’m here.”

Committing to ending your relationship with alcohol, drugs, or self-harming thoughts can be a difficult decision to stick to. We understand that. Ground yourself to the present moment and practice the skills you have learned today. Acknowledge that you are here and that you are doing a pretty great job. 

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