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How Do I Disclose My Recovery To My Job As A Woman?

Women face a tremendous amount of discrimination in the workplace. When a woman enters recovery for a drug or alcohol addiction, it is easy to feel intimidated at the prospect of talking to a workplace about recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Know Your Rights

In the last few years, the government has stepped up courageously to support the rights and needs of those who are in recovery from a mental health issue like addiction, alcoholism, and other mental health issues. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects you from discrimination due to your mental health struggles. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission makes sure that your workplace works with you while you work on your mental health. Your job will have to be careful if they want to deny you the accommodations you need to take care of your mental health. Recovery from addiction and alcoholism can include difficult days for women, especially during the first eighteen months. Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome can present persisting symptoms of withdrawal sporadically up to the second year of recovery. In addition to brief, but recurring withdrawal symptoms, women will generally encounter difficult days. Some days will simply be easier than others as they learn to live without the need to rely on drugs and alcohol. On those difficult days, employers need to accommodate time to take a day off, visit a therapist, or even make adjustments to your work schedule for a while. Should you experience a relapse and need to return to work, these laws put in place will protect your job during a leave of absence.

Be Honest

Honesty is what helps women come to recovery. A woman has to honestly admit to herself that she can no longer live the life she is living when she is living with unmanaged drug addiction or alcoholism. It is easy for your work life to become unmanageable if you are not living honestly. If there are conditions or circumstances of your job which are wearing on your mental health, it will become difficult to lead a double life. What you learn as a woman in recovery is that honesty is integrity and integrity because having integrity is being honest. Having integrity about your mental health struggles sets an example for everyone else you work with, in their work lives and their lives outside of the office.

Be An Educator

Speaking up about your experiences as a woman in recovery can be educational for the people you work with. Most people are uninformed about addiction, alcoholism, and mental health. In particular, most people are uninformed about the unique experience of being a woman in recovery. Your story is one of empowerment, courage, and great strength. Overcome the shame and stigma of addiction by acting as an advocate for recovery.


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