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How To Clean Out During Spring Cleaning

Minimalism and meticulous organization are all the rage in online trends today. Take a trip to trendy social media platform Pinterest and search for “organize”, “minimalism”, or even “spring cleaning” and be met with tens of thousands of solutions. Perhaps millions of “hacks” and ideas exist to reorganize the home, clean out old clutter, and make new purposeful space. The hardest part to getting organized is getting organized to get organized and then get started.

In our previous blog, we discussed how to get ready for spring cleaning. Here we will offer suggestions for the cleaning out part of spring cleaning as you declutter, clear out, and make room for new possibilities.

Be ready to make one of three choices: Stay, Sell, Donate

Today’s digital and social media driven world offers you more options for what to do with your items. Social media sites like Facebook have a built in marketplace where you can put items up for sale. Popular sites like Craigslist are successful in selling bulk or individual items, as well as advertising a garage sale if you decide to have one. Other smartphone apps and websites exist for selling items as well. Selling items and coordinating pick ups can take time. Sometimes, to keep momentum going, it is better to donate. Donating items is a way to give back to others who are less fortunate, contribute to a good cause, and receive a write off for your taxes. From Goodwill to Salvation Army, Veteran’s associations and cause-specific thrift stores, there are endless options for donations. Women in recovery might want to consider finding sober livings, halfway houses, or battered women’s shelters where there are other women in need who are working on bettering their lives.

Answer the question: Should it stay or should it go?

One of the hardest parts of doing a spring cleaning is letting go of beloved items. Women in recovery have learned to let go of some of the most difficult things to let go of in life, like dependence on drugs and alcohol. Letting go can be hard, but it is possible. For spring cleaning, there are a few avenues for letting go you can practice.

First is the tried and true classic approach of asking if the item contributes any joy or happiness to your life. Is it just so-so? Do you not even really like the item? Or does it make you feel a twinge of glee when you touch it? Think about what the item contributes to your life and make a decision. You can evaluate an item for its emotional worth, its utility, and its necessity. What does it mean to you? Do you use it? Have you used it? Will you use it? Do you need it?

A final form of consideration to give items in your home is how that item might impact the life of someone else. Recovery encourages women to give back by giving to others. If it is an item you aren’t sure you want or need, think about what it might mean to someone who comes across it online or in a thrift store.

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