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How To Get Ready For Spring Cleaning

Spring peaks its head around the corner as February comes to a close. With the springtime comes the yearly opportunity to engage in “spring cleaning”. Women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction know the importance of ‘taking inventory’ and making room for the new by clearing out the old. Recovery is full of sayings like “clean house” and “keep your side of the street clean” which emphasize the necessity of regularly clearing out old energy, clutter, and space.

Make a plan

Recovery has a saying which refers to the mess women can leave behind in their active addiction, called the “wreckage of the past”. Confronting the “wreckage” of the home which may be riddled with old memories of active addiction, can be overwhelming without a plan. Thankfully, another recovery saying comes into action: “one day at a time”. Spring cleaning is merely a series of tasks and actions which need to be taken one at a time. The first step should be making a plan.

Know the areas you want to prioritize organizing and make a list. Write out what you want to accomplish in each area, like reduce clutter, reorganize, clean up, or repurpose entirely. Once you know what you want to accomplish and where, you can start to create a list of what needs to be done to accomplish those goals.

Start with the items you will need to effectively conduct your spring cleaning. Storage bins, trash bags, boxes, markers, labels, tape, etc. can all be used to move things around, store things, and ready things to be donated.

All of your spring cleaning might not be able to happen in just one day. Pick the evenings, days, or weekends you want to focus on cleaning. Additionally, enlist any help you may need. If you are cleaning out items from the time of your active addiction, prepare for some emotional stress. Remembering those difficult times is a difficult experience. Friends and family can support you, remind you of how far you’ve come, and encourage you to let go so you can continue to move on.

Set an intention

You can do a spring cleaning just for the sake of spring cleaning and feel great about it afterwards. Women in recovery learn that life is always much more than the surface level experience. Setting an intention can help you remove certain energy and bring certain energy to the process, your home, and your life. With every step of your spring cleaning process, and your recovery process, keep your intention in mind then be amazed by what manifests in return.

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