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How To Give Support To A Trauma Victim

Trauma victims often need extra layers of support. Some of their wounds may be invisible, but the wounds are there. They may cover it up with a large smile, but the pain is hidden below. If someone you love has experienced trauma, it’s important to know how to handle their feelings and what they need from you. Villa Tranquil Recovery has some tips on how you can care for trauma victims. Read more below!

Be Predictable

For individuals who are dealing with processing trauma, surprises are not what they need. Victims feel safer when they know what’s coming. Try not to surprise your loved one with anything that could trigger them. Being predictable is safer. 

Give Them Space

After a traumatic event, most individuals find themselves feeling overwhelmed. All they want is to calm down and return back to “normal.” Try not to put anything extra on them. Give them space, too. If they tell you they want you around, just be with them. Don’t schedule activities that can overwhelm them. Tell your loved one you’re there for them and whatever they need. 

Have Perspective

Trauma can bring out the worst in people. If your loved one is struggling and begins to take it out on you, put things into perspective. They aren’t trying to be mean or hurt you; they are just feeling so much pain that they don’t know what to do with it all. Try not to take things personally during this time.

Let Them Rest

Rest is often what someone needs after they have suffered a trauma. Give them the time and space to rest, even if you may not understand why all they want to do is sleep.

Watch Your Language

Try not to put a label on what your loved one is going through. You don’t want to call their trauma a problem or issue. Remember not to say that their trauma is something they chose to happen. Watch what you say and how you say it — it matters more than you think.  

Show Support

Give your unending support to your loved one that has experienced trauma. Show them love and compassion. Show them that you are patient. 

Get What You Need, Too

Remember that you need care, too. Set boundaries for yourself and give yourself space. The respect that you show them, they should show you back. Be there for your loved one, but don’t try to fix them. You can’t put unreasonable expectations on yourself. 

Have Control

Your loved one probably does not want to talk about their trauma right after they’ve experienced it. Give them the control of what to talk about and when. Try not to overwhelm them. Have some control. 

Villa Tranquil Recovery is here for you if you or your loved one has experienced trauma. We have programs that can help you. Call now at 214-799-3080. We can’t wait to speak with you.