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How to Politely Say No at a Party

Saying “No, thank you” should be the bottom line when it comes to responses. Polite and succinct, saying “No, thank you” really says it all. You politely refuse the invitation to drink or use drugs. You even go out of your way to say thank you instead of something more profane and offensive. Not everyone will know you are in recovery unless you tell them. Remember, drunk and intoxicated people tend to have faulty memories. When they come back a few minutes later with more requests, you can use other ways to politely turn them down.

“I’m doing just great with my drink, thanks!”

There is no rule against having a drink at a party. The only rule is that the drink doesn’t contain any alcohol or other mind altering substances. When there aren’t “mixers” available like fruit juices or sodas, plain water will do. You’ll stay hydrated, which is proven to keep your mood in a positive place, and you’ll have a drink in your hand. Having a drink in your hand is less about feeling “normal” at a party because you’re “abnormal” for not drinking as it is about warding off invitations. Remember to keep your drink in hand, write your name on the cup, or get a new cup with a new non-alcoholic beverage if you put your old one down.

“I’m not drinking anymore.”

After countless attempts, bribes, and arguments, it might be time to “spill the beans” about your recovery. You have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to being sober. Abstaining from substance abuse and staying disciplined in your recovery is the way you save your life from the fatally progressive disease of addiction every day. Let someone know, you just aren’t drinking anymore.

“Can I educate you about the disease of addiction?”

Unfortunately, addiction and alcoholism are difficult for people to understand. Particularly when someone is so clearly enjoying the euphoric effects of intoxication, understanding how another would not want to do so is confounding. You’re likely to hear the classic argument about having just one. When you can’t beat them, educate them. Sit them down and explain in great detail the complicated and threatening disease of addiction. Rather than continue to be a nuisance you might transform someone into an advocate.


Recovery is a lot of fun. When you’re sober, your life is the party. You will live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Choosing a treatment option like transitional living takes your recovery beyond a primary treatment program. Villa Tranquil offers women between the ages of 18-65 a unique opportunity to progress their recovery and their lives.

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