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How to Self Soothe

For people who identify as introverts or empaths, there is so much stress that goes along with going with the flow. Stressful situations may seem like you must exert so much energy, but you’re still feeling the negative effects of the stress. Even if you aren’t an introvert or empath, self-soothing thoughts can be extremely helpful to calm yourself down during a high-stress moment. Villa Tranquil Recovery wants to help you learn how to self-soothe so you aren’t feeling constantly drained. Here are three types of self-soothing thoughts and what they can do to help you. 

Perspective Talking

Putting a situation into perspective can be helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed with a stressful situation. If you’re struggling to calm your anxiety and you’re feeling ready to give up, remind yourself that you have gotten through every bad day up to this point; you’ll get through this bad day, too. Try telling yourself that the pain will subside and be kind to yourself. Notice the words you are using. You deserve to treat yourself with kindness.


You can get through any tough situation that you’re facing. Feel your feelings, but don’t dwell on them. Remind yourself that you can handle your emotions. Reassure yourself that you can get through anything. You aren’t your emotions, you are you: A wildly capable woman who can get through anything. 


If you’re struggling with your emotions, do not invalidate how you are feeling. Accept the pain and hurt for what they are: Feelings that will pass. Once you’re ready to move on from your feelings, try using coping skills to keep moving forward. You can practice deep breathing techniques or meditation. These things will help you calm down immensely.

Villa Tranquil Recovery wants to help give you the techniques you need to calm down during stressful situations. Our women’s sober living program is a great place to get started, or you can participate in an intensive outpatient program. We have a program that can fit your needs. Call now at 214-799-3080