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How to Take your Recovery Out of the Box

Recovery is different for everyone. No two people dealing with addiction have the same set of unique needs. With the myriad of individuals struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism, treatment plans vary widely. The traditional means of dealing with addiction simply aren’t practical for everyone. That’s when it is time to get creative and think outside of the box. Here are some ideas to shake things up in your recovery and keep things interesting.

  1. Equine Therapy – Originally, equine therapy began as a means of physical therapy for individuals suffering from physical disabilities. When people began to see emotional and psychological benefits for the patients as they worked with the horses, the concept of equine therapy began to expand. Horses are known for the emotional connections and the natural calming effect they have on people, making them excellent partners for those dealing with addiction. Caring for them teaches responsibility and commitment, while at the same time easing feelings of loneliness and elevating self-esteem and confidence.
  2. Virtual Reality Therapy – Sometimes called immersive multimedia, this therapy uses virtual reality technology to recreate an individual’s triggers while affecting all of the senses. Very similar to exposure therapy, this technique allows the patient to experience difficult decisions and practice the proper responses and behaviors to stay true to their sobriety.
  3. Hypnotherapy – This technique involves having a hypnotist put you in a state of mind called a trance, where they provide suggestions directly to your subconscious mind that empower you to stay away from cravings and to eliminate or lessen the impact of triggers.  
  4. Ibogaine  – Ibogaine is a substance originating from a South African root used primarily in religious ceremonies within some African tribes. The root can be used in treating opioid addiction. It lessens the severity of withdrawal symptoms in some patients and can increase the safety of detoxification from opioids. Ibogaine is a powerful substance and must be used only with professional assistance.

Villa Tranquil is an addiction recovery facility that invites women ages 18-65 to join a team of professionals in creating a safe, positive transition from your primary treatment facility back to your own home. Call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to speak with an addiction expert about your situation and to start your healing process. You deserve to be the best possible version of you. Villa Tranquil can help you get there.