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How to Worry Less Without Worrying About it!

As women, worrying seems to be a part of our DNA. We worry about everything from things that haven’t even happened yet to things that happened ten years ago. We worry about turning off the iron, what our boss thinks of our latest report, and the traffic making us late to pick up our child from school. We are pulled in so many directions at the same time, it’s no wonder we are all a little crazy! Here are some tips to stop worrying so much and instead enjoy your life.

Live in the moment.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Anything can happen and there is nothing you can do about much of it. You are promised only the moment you are in right now, so make it outstanding!

Focus on things you can control.

There are some things in life that are just out of our control. Those are the unexpected events, the surprises, and the emergencies. They are part of life. Don’t focus on them, because you have zero control over them. Focus on your reaction to these events, because you are 100 percent in control of your actions.

Ask yourself a question.

When worry starts to take hold of your thoughts, ask yourself this question, “Will worrying about this help me achieve my desired outcome?” If not, stop worrying and make a list of the things you can do that will help you achieve the desired outcome. Start working on the list and you will find your desired outcome is even closer that it was before, and you worried about it less.

Practice the situation.

Practice makes perfect, right? When you find yourself worrying about something, think about all of the actions you can take if that something happened and practice the situation. Plan what you would say and do to achieve your desired outcome and act out the entire scene. Familiarize yourself with your actions and see how they lead to your successful outcome. This process will subconsciously relieve your worry.

Visualize the desired outcome.

Take a few moments and start to visualize the situation you are worried about and visualize the desired outcome. Watch yourself react perfectly and solve the problem with ease. Watch yourself receive praise for your efforts and smile the entire time. Focus on all of the good things as you visualize, filling yourself with positive emotions.

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