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Facing Your Impulsivity

Dealing with impulsive behavior can be a difficult thing. Everyone has these moments, though. You eat that extra piece of cake because your sweet tooth tells you to, or you may buy something just for the heck of it. We all do these things occasionally. Occasionally is the keyword here. Some people, however, cannot control their impulses. This is when it becomes a problem. Patterns of impulsivity lead to larger issues. In an article of Counseling Today, associate dean of counseling at Southern New Hampshire University, Edward F. Hudspeth says that “some impulsivity is just a normal part of growing up [and] learning from situations.” This impulsivity becomes a problem, however, when someone ignores the consequences of their actions and continues to act impulsively. For someone without impulsive issues, these consequences and pressures from society would be enough to make the person change their behavior. For those struggling with impulsivity, however, there is no remorse or want to change. 

Has your impulsivity gone too far?

If you think that your impulsivity has gone too far, you might want to ask yourself these questions, posed by Laura Falinis, a licensed professional counselor from Georgia:

  • Have your attempts to fix your impulsive behavior failed?
  • Are you facing consequences for your impulsive actions?
  • Is your impulsiveness causing problems with your relationships, finances, or work?
  • Does your impulsiveness stem from not setting boundaries, or are you being forced into the activity?
  • Is there a pattern with your impulsivity, or does it show up at particular times?

Shame and impulsiveness

With impulsivity, Hudspeth explains that impulsiveness has internal and external consequences. For example, you are struggling internally to stop your impulsive nature while there are also consequences to your actions that can impact those around you. This impulsivity can lead to shame and regret for your decisions. This can then lead to you trying to hide your impulsive behaviors. It’s like an endless, unhealthy cycle. 

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