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Instant Gratification and Addiction

Many of us that are no stranger to addiction are also quite familiar with the strong desire for instant gratification. That impulse to have what you want right now, not a moment later, is part of what makes drugs and alcohol so appealing. Feeling anxious or depressed? A sip or a snort and in a moment those negative feelings are gone. Never mind that the consequences may be severe for that decision. For someone dealing with addiction, the priority is satisfying the need immediately.

After careful analysis, instant gratification can be divided into five unique stages. These stages will likely feel very familiar, as they go hand in hand with addictive behaviors.

Desire/Urge – This is the moment you feel a strong pull towards an action related to your addiction.

Resolve to Resist the Urge – Instantly you consider the option of resisting the impulse, and you remind yourself of why you shouldn’t do the action in question.

Rush of Adrenaline – At this moment, you may feel an overwhelming sensation through your entire body to the point of illness. The demand and craving hit you in enormous waves. The need for your addiction is intense.

Give in to the Urge – You can’t take it anymore, and you give in to the desire. You are instantly filled with feelings of calm, satiation, and relief. It may only last a moment, but the experience can be euphoric.

Feelings of Guilt and Remorse – As the euphoria fades, you are left in emotional distress. Negative feelings of guilt and remorse haunt you as you criticize and ridicule yourself for your actions. Depression, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, and disgust add to the mix lowering your self-esteem and destroying confidence.

These stages of instant gratification are often cyclical, also. An endless cycle of torment stopped only by a decision to get the help you need.

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