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Is Addiction Always Progressive?

The simple answer is yes. Addiction is always growing. If it wasn’t growing, and it was stagnant, it would not be nearly as devastating as it indeed is on you and your loved ones. When someone is addicted to alcohol, for example, it quickly becomes a downward spiral. It may start as the inability to have just one drink, but over time it becomes a situation where they choose alcohol over friends and family. They may sacrifice their careers, their relationships, and their health. That is the nature of addiction.

Progression doesn’t mean it always moves from one substance to another. For instance, because addiction is progressive, it doesn’t say that you begin with an addiction to something like marijuana and eventually become addicted to cocaine or heroin. The progressive aspect is found in other ways, too. It may start as a habit of getting high at parties or on weekends, but it can progress to getting high before bed or first thing in the morning. Eventually, you may find you can’t function or get through your day without getting high. This is the progression of addiction.

For some, addiction progresses in the form of the substance. It could be starting with a Vicodin prescription and turning to heroin when the Vicodin is no longer numbing the pain. Addiction can move at terrifying speeds as the desperation increases. Another potential progression begins with marijuana and ends with some variety of hardcore substances. Marijuana is often considered a “gateway” drug in that some believe people that start with marijuana are more likely to move onto other, more serious, drugs. The progression of addiction via substance can begin with nearly any substance and increase in volatility and volume.   

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