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Ladies Love La Croix, Their Teeth Do Not

Few things make a greater female get together than a plethora of La Croix options. The sparkling water company has become a beloved favorite of women. Cans with bright, colorful, abstract design, a name that is too much fun to pronounce, and a library of delicious flavors make the drink unavoidable. La Croix has been around for over 20 years, though its mainstream popularity is more recent. Competitors in regular water companies have sought to improve their offerings by providing flavored sparkling water. Even La Croix’s most major competitor, Perrier, introduced flavored drinks. With flavors like Pamplemousse, the french word for grapefruit, cran-raspberry, coconut, and peach-mango, saying no to La Croix is hard to do.

For women in recovery, La Croix is the answer to the sober lifestyle. What many women feel they are missing in having “fun” with alcoholic beverages is immediately made up for when bright colored cases line up with fun flavored drinks. Female get togethers in recovery have the novelty of including a plethora of nonalcoholic beverages- often including some kind of flavored sparkling water. The participation in the behavior is the right balance of pleasure-seeking and recovery. Unfortunately, new studies show, binge drinking spectacular sparkling water isn’t exactly the best choice for dental health.

Many women experience problems with their dental health as a result of their drug and alcohol abuse. Drugs like crystal meth can cause extensive dental damage. Cocaine can also cause deterioration in the gums. Overall, drug and alcohol abuse can lead to neglectful behaviors which too often means neglecting dental care.

Carbon dioxide isn’t enamel friendly, according to dentists. The delightful pop and fizz of sparkling water beverages comes from an infusion of carbon dioxide. Once you start to relish the sensory experience of swallowing the bubbly, tasty beverage, the carbon dioxide is transformed into carbonic acid. Too much acid in the mouth can cause wear and tear on the enamel, which is critical for maintaining the integrity of your teeth. However, dentists warn that normal drinking of sparkling water, even a few a day, can be manageable for your teeth. If you really savor every sip of La Croix, or another sparkling water beverage, holding the liquid and all of it’s carbonic acid in your mouth with every sip of every drink, you could be putting your teeth at risk. Don’t throw out your La Croix koozies yet, but be prepared to make that case of sparkling water magic last a little bit longer.


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