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Learning From Rebel Women

Who is a rebel woman? She’s the woman who takes charge of her life. A rebel woman is the woman who goes against the grain, swims against the stream, and breaks the “shoulds” of her life. A rebel woman is the woman who lives fully instead. She puts herself first out of necessity for survival, not selfishness. She is fiercely compassionate, goal-oriented, and empathetic. A rebel woman turns the story of her life upside down over and over again.

Women who choose the path of sobriety are rebel women. We see them in the rooms of our recovery support meetings. We hear from them when they visit our treatment centers. They support us as the staff of our sober living. Every woman we come across in sobriety, whether she has 15 minutes or 15 years is a rebel woman from whom we can learn plenty.

In recovery, we forge a strong bond with other women in recovery. Names matter little. Job, race, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, all the details that contribute to our individuality fall short because we are women in recovery. Each one of us has faced one of the most difficult and challenging times of our lives. Women in recovery have all faced the same demon, with different faces and different titles. When you see a woman in sobriety, you can trust that she has had to fight, like she’s never fought before, to get to where she is today. You can trust that she, a a woman, has had to face the same stereotype, judgment, pressure, discrimination, and inequality you have, as a woman. As a woman alcoholic or drug addict, she has faced the same stereotype, judgment, and stigma you have as well.

Rebel women in recovery are strong, courageous, determined, and devoted. Staying sober one day at a time is not easy, it takes work. Women of sobriety are holistically well rounded, educated in their recovery, and spiritual. Chances are there is at least one thing that another woman in sobriety has done differently than you and from that one thing you can learn.

Approach women in sobriety with a great humbled respect, awe-struck curiosity, and deep sense of connection. Ask questions. Listen to stories. Share memories. Grab coffee. Rebel women in recovery are your saving grace and your greatest allies.


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