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Legalized Marijuana – The Ins and Outs

Once highly controversial, now much more commonplace, the legalization of marijuana has seen a wide variety of unintended consequences. As planned, legalizing marijuana for recreational use has decreased arrests for those carrying small amounts of the drug or other related violations. Recreational use of marijuana is now far more regulated and the sale of the drug itself is now taxable. Allowing government regulation was a big reason those pro-legalization individuals battled so hard for this outcome. Marijuana has been legalized in many states already, and activists continue to push for federal legalization.  

The legalization of marijuana also created a unique set of circumstances. First, while it is legal to use for recreational purposes, the growth and distribution are still largely illegal. The laws allow for a maximum amount to be grown by any one organization or individual and also regulate the potency of said drugs. For some, this was a welcome change, but for others, it was an excuse to broaden the spectrum of black market production and distribution of marijuana. Police have reported a significant increase in arrests related to marijuana that included a violent aspect. The larger the volume of marijuana involved, the more likely police are to find weapons simultaneously.

There has also been an alarming increase in the sale and availability of other drugs, also. Drug cartels and other illegal drug organizations that previously capitalized on the sale of marijuana were forced to provide other drugs in place of marijuana. In many cases, heroin has been the substitute. By decreasing the price and increasing the availability of heroin to the public, they have adjusted their drug trade in light of marijuana legalization. Given the deadly consequences associated with heroin, this is a potentially dire unintended consequence of legalizing marijuana in the United States.   

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