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Let’s End The Silence And Stigma Around Suicide

Trigger Warning: This article discusses suicide.

Suicide is still seen as a taboo, unforgivable sin that is contemplated and done by horrible people. This needs to change. Let’s start making strides to end the silence and stigma around suicide. Here are four TED Talks that aim to do this. 

The Bridge Between Suicide And Life by Kevin Briggs

In this video, Briggs talks about being an officer on the Golden Gate Bridge. He saved so many people who were contemplating suicide. He gave them a kind smile and spoke to them in a genuine manner. He talks about how suicide is romanticized on the Golden Gate Bridge. He tells stories about people he helped save. He gives advice to those struggling and to the families of those struggling. Briggs is a true hero, and his voice shines through in the talk. 

Break The Silence For Suicide Attempt Survivors by JD Schramm

In this video, Schramm discusses a harrowing suicide attempt. He also gives jarring statistics about those who fail and succeed in their suicide attempts. He then discusses how few resources we have for those struggling from suicide ideation. Schramm talks about how difficult it may be to talk about suicide, but how necessary it is to talk about suicide. His encouraging words urge people to talk about suicide.

Confessions Of A Depressed Comic by Kevin Breel

In this video, Breel talks about how he feels living as a comic with depression. However, most people don’t see the depression he deals with on a daily basis. Breel talks about the misconceptions about depression and how it is often confused with sadness. He ends by saying that true strength is not just showing no weakness, but it is the opposite. Real people have real problems. He wants to stop the silence and start talking.

Depression, The Secret We Share by Andrew Solomon

In this article, Solomon starts out by saying “I felt a funeral in my brain,” talking about depression. As he battled depression, Solomon talks about these days and years that seemed impossible. He talks about how he interviewed people and helped to share their stories in an attempt to break down mental health stigma. Let’s all work together to do the same.