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Letting Go: The Better Side Of Valentine’s Day

Here it comes again, a much loved and much hated “holiday” celebration: Valentine’s Day. What started as a celebration of Saint Valentine has evolved into a hyper commercialized day of idealized expressions of love, relationship, and appreciation. Full of stereotype and obscene expectations, when a Valentine’s Day doesn’t include receiving something in the form of love, affection, presents, or other celebratory measures, it is seen as a loss. Women are left feeling as though they are without, void, incomplete, inadequate, and other unfortunate feelings that are simply unnecessary for any day, let alone one particular day, of the year. What many women don’t realize is that Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for having less and celebrating loss rather than mourning it. Letting go can be one of the best Valentine’s Day presents women give to themselves on February 14th and it is something they can practice every day of the year.

What Can You Let Go Of This V-Day?

First, take a look at all of the toxic attachments you have to this “day of love” and examine how they make you feel. With a quick analysis you’ll find that at the bottom of the marketing campaigns for all things Valentine’s Day…

    • …jewelry doesn’t make you happy or define who you are
    • …a romantic relationship, or lack thereof, doesn’t make you happy or define who you are
    • …fancy dinners, gifts, flowers, chocolates, cards, notions, acknowledgments, or anything else on Valentine’s Day doesn’t make you happy or define who you are
  • …one day out of the 365 days in a year shouldn’t decide how happy you are or are  not, how worthy of love you are, or who you are as a woman

All of the commercials, advertisements, and demonstrations of Valentine’s Day that tell you that how you celebrate this day does indeed make you happy, determine your worth, or define who you are, are nonsense. Letting go of your attachment to the ideals of Valentine’s Day helps you to let go of your attachment to other ideals that make you feel less than. Learning to let go this Valentine’s Day will help you deepen your relationship with yourself by realizing you are more than– more than cards, chocolates, flowers, and anything else. You can buy these things any day of the year. Any day of the year, you get to decide how you feel, what makes you happy, and what defines who you are, how you’re loved, and so much more. This Valentine’s Day, let go of what you think  you don’t have and give yourself the greatest gift you already have: you.

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