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Living a Life of Purpose

A life of purpose means something different to each of us. For some of us, a life of purpose is caring for and providing for our families. For others, it means to spend the bulk of their time in service to people that are in need. A life of purpose could also mean staying true to your beliefs and values in all that you do. It is critical that you define what gives your life purpose. That is the first step in moving towards fulfillment. Having a clear understanding of your purpose gives you direction in your life and helps you ensure that your actions and behaviors coincide with your life goals.

For those of us in recovery, a life of purpose has even more significance. During recovery, there are days in which we doubt why we are so committed to recovery. There are days where things seem impossible to surpass. You may wonder if it is worth the struggle. You may even wonder if you are indeed strong enough to beat addiction. When you wake up in the morning wondering why you should even get out of bed, a life of purpose gives you your answer.

When you are living a life of purpose, your life is bigger than just you. There is an inherent responsibility to do what is right and to stay true to your personal cause. When you have a rough day, and things seem impossible, you know that you must keep going because what you are doing matters. People are counting on you. Your cause is counting on you. You need to beat addiction because people need you. It is about far more than just you. It is about the greater good.

If this concept is new to you, spend some time thinking this through. What is your passion? What makes your heart happy? What gets you excited and reminds you that you matter? The answers to this questions will help you determine your life of purpose.

After you complete your treatment plan, the idea of moving back home and becoming independent again may be intimidating. Villa Tranquil is a recovery facility that provides support through this challenging time. Villa Tranquil’s resort-like atmosphere minimizes distractions and allows you to focus on your sobriety. This is a time to surround yourself by like-minded individuals and positive influences while learning vital life skills for your recovery. Please call Villa Tranquil today at 214-799-3080 to talk with an addiction expert about your next step.