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Love the Skin You’re In

Summertime is here and in full swing. Summer means something different to everyone, but sunshine is pretty universal. For many climates, sunshine means warmer temperatures and warmer temperatures bring the focus to our bikini bodies. Or, our not-so-ready bikini bodies. Women everywhere lose sleep over getting their bodies ready for summer, and for what? We stress and we worry about the stretch marks, muffin tops, freckles, birthmarks, or cellulite. Some of it is there, and some of it is merely in our mind’s eye. The important thing to remember is that you are given only one body. Make the most of it! Enjoy every moment in the body you have right now. Use your body as it was intended. Enjoy the warm sun on your skin or a cool breeze on your face. Enjoy a walk with nature surrounding you or a swim in the ocean. Do what feels right in your body.

If you don’t feel good in your body the way it is now, set goals and put together a plan. Your plan may include eating healthier, being more active, or something far more regimented and strict. Make sure your goals are realistic and positive. Enjoy the process of working towards those goals, and love your body more each day as you see the changes that you have created by sticking to your plan.

There is no perfect body. Don’t focus on someone else’s perfect body. Focus on yours. Find your perfect body. It may not be a size 0, and that is not a bad thing. We need all shapes and sizes. The important thing is that you love the body you have and the body you are working towards. Think about being healthy and strong and less about what you see in the mirror. The harder you work towards your healthy body goals, the more you will love the body looking back at you from the mirror.

Body image can be a huge factor for women. It can be a cause of depression and anxiety. Don’t let a negative body image rob you of a strong, healthy body and all the fun you can have with the skin you’re in.

If body image issues are hindering your recovery, please reach out to Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to talk with someone about your situation. You don’t have to be unhappy with your body and you are not alone.