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Making Realistic Resolutions for the New Year

Women love resolutions. Marketers love to make women love resolutions. At the same time, we loathe them. As women, we already face so much responsibility and expectation about who we should be, what we should do, how we should act, and how we should look. Too many women set themselves up for failure by creating unrealistic New Years Resolutions in order to change themselves for good. Most often when we set New Years Resolutions, we are wanting to change habits. We haven’t gone to the gym as much as we wanted to, ran as often as we said we would, and our yoga mats have collected so much dust we are afraid to touch them. We vow to take better care of ourselves, look flawless every day, and master those desserts we’ve been eyeing on the magazine covers. We want to be happier, feel happier, and act happier. What we don’t realize is that habits of happiness live on the inside. They cannot be created from the outside. Our New Years Resolution should focus on our authentic happiness, not the happiness assigned to us from others- like once you lose weight, you will be more happy.

For example, try not to make a resolution that you will go to the gym every single day and that you want to “lose weight”. Creating vague and undefined goals means creating unreachable goals. When will you have gone to the gym enough? When will you have lost enough weight? Set reasonable goals that make sense for your body. If you don’t like going to the gym to work out, don’t force yourself to do it. Instead, set a resolution to get in at least 20 minutes of physical activity a day. Wherever and whenever you fit that in by whatever means you do, that’s setting a good habit. Instead of setting a goal for weight loss, set others goals for a healthy lifestyle change. Make habits out of eating vegetarian dishes a few days a week and learning how to make healthier indulgences. Resolve to drink more water and get a good sweat in three days a week. Collectively, these habits will produce the desired results you are looking for without the pressure, stress, and ultimate let down.

You can apply this theory to every other area of your New Year’s Resolutions list. Career changes don’t happen over night. Rarely does doubling your salary, perfecting meditation, or finding the right romantic partner. Set tangible, achievable, realistic goals and watch your New Years Resolutions become New You Habits.