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Making Time For “Me” Time

Self-care is an essential tool for women’s recovery. Among the daily requirements of living as a mom, a career-woman, a daughter, a sponsor, a sponsee, a woman of recovery is taking care of ourselves. Where do we find the time? We make the time. Making the time for healthy, self-nurturing behaviors is not easy for anyone to do, let alone a woman with many roles to play.

Make a self-care schedule

We have many things down to an art as women. We know what to expect once a month and how to prepare when it comes to our hormones. Mostly, we are familiar with laundry, feeding ourselves and our children in whatever way possible. We aren’t often familiar with taking care of ourselves outside of the basics. We eat the burned toast. We shower last. We wear dirty clothes. We sacrifice over and over again, punishing ourselves for time we do not have. For everything we are prepared ahead of time to do, which may not always include school projects, we don’t prepare for self-care. Schedule it in like an appointment you’ll be charged for and won’t be able to rebook for six months. Make it critical. Make it yours.

Choose your time wisely

What is self-care to your friend might not be self-care to you. Some styles of yoga are harder than others, for example. If a punishing workout isn’t your style- don’t do it! Find out what you love to do, what is good for you to do, and find a balance. You can’t not workout because exercise is an evidence-based practice for prolonging your life, balancing your hormones, maintaining your mental health, and staving off cravings. You can choose what working out means to you- yoga, walking, swimming, dancing- whatever it is, do it.

Schedule more than the essentials

Recovery can start to feel like a routine. Make sure to schedule in the stuff that makes life good. Fun and spontaneity are not left behind with addiction. At the end of addiction, it wasn’t very fun anymore. Recovery is an opportunity to reclaim that sense of freedom in having fun again. Spend time with your girlfriends, have an adventure, do something that makes you laugh really, really hard. Cry for a reason that isn’t sad. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Feel alive. That’s what you get to do in sobriety.

Live life to the fullest

If you would like to start increasing your own self nurturing you can start today.  You can start by making a list of safe self nurturing activities that you would enjoy doing.  Shoot for the moon!  Just because they are on your list doesn’t mean you can do them today. You might do them someday. Set a structure for yourself that includes daily self care.  Maybe you wake up earlier than the kids so you can have prayer and meditation or take a bath after you’ve put them to bed.  Try a variety of different things until you find the ones that make sense for you. Don’t stop trying. Don’t stop doing. Don’t stop living. You already did that once in your addiction. Make recovery the best time of your life, for the rest of your life.

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