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Marijuana Use in Addiction Treatment

Marijuana has been a controversial topic in the media for quite some time, now. Discussions of legalizing the substance, using it for medical purposes, and the regulation of growth and distribution of marijuana are regular discussions in today’s news. However, recent studies have put marijuana in the spotlight for yet another reason. Experts say marijuana may be some unexpected benefits when used in an addiction program. No, we aren’t referring to a treatment program for individuals that have an addiction to marijuana. Instead, the idea is that marijuana can be a useful component in treating other drug or alcohol addiction issues.

Addiction treatment facilities are reorganizing their programs to include the use of marijuana to treat severe addiction issues. For instance, if an individual enters a treatment facility with an intense addiction to heroin, some experts believe that incorporating the use of marijuana can ease cravings, lessen withdrawal symptoms, reduce anxiety, and provide a much higher likelihood of success for that individual’s recovery. This may seem contrary to common sense, but experts believe this concept has significant merit in certain situations.

Facilities that participate in this addiction treatment strategy are supporters of the philosophy that treating addiction is done most effectively in stages and that the mindset is about progress and not merely focused on perfection. These treatment centers also believe in the theory of harm reduction. Abstinence is indeed preferable, but is it possible that in some cases, the risk of relapse is not only imminent but deadly? In those situations, does it make more sense to lower the expectation for the individual to maximize the potential effectiveness of the program? Some experts say this is the most appropriate means of treatment in high-risk, complicated scenarios.

It is important to remember that addiction is different for everyone. People have issues with addiction for various reasons and they each approach treatment differently. For this reason, it is essential that treatment programs offer a wide variety of options that can be customized for the individual’s needs.

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