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May Is Mental Health Month: Here’s What Women Need To Know About Their Mental Health

May Is Mental Health Month: Here’s What Women Need To Know About Their Mental Health

Mental Health Month was founded by the organization Mental Health America in 1949. For decades, the organization and their affiliates have reached out through media, events, and online campaigns to spread awareness about mental health.

This year, Mental Health Month is focusing on the whole of mental health, rather than the parts. “When we talk about health, we can’t just focus on heart health, or liver health, or brain health, and not whole health,” the organization explains on their website. “You have to see the whole person, and make use of the tools and resources that benefit minds and bodies together.” Mental Health America echoes a belief which has become strongly held among the treatment and recovery industry, especially for women who are recovering from addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Treatment and recovery cannot focus on the individual parts of a woman. Women are victim more often to being compartmentalized and objectified for their individual parts and individual pieces than be regarded for who they are as a whole. Whole woman treatment leads to whole woman recovery, setting forth a paradigm shift which is critical to women’s true development and spiritual evolution. Too often women segregate themselves from their mind and their body, causing a disconnect which impacts every area of their life. For many women, this contributes to the perpetuation of their addiction or alcoholism because they see their body as separate from their mind, their behaviors, or any consequences.

Mental Health America suggests using the #4Mind4Body hashtag to start the conversation about needing fitness and physical healing for mental healing. Exercise is an evidence-based treatment method, with positive benefits including the reduction of stress, depression, anxiety, cravings for drugs or alcohol, and much more. The organization has created a month long challenge, with individual challenges each day for changing health and wellness behaviors.

At Villa Tranquil Recovery, we incorporate health and wellness into every woman’s individualized treatment plan. As part of our transitional living program, women learn how to connect to their body in soulful, adventurous, exciting ways. We take our clients on outdoor excursions, offer yoga, and encourage daily exercise as part of positive habit building for recovery. Additionally, we provide guidance for nutrition, diet, and wholesome cooking. Our therapeutically structured program offers women time each day to process their recovery journey, receive guidance from professionals, and dive deeper into healing the mind-body connection.


Women between the ages of 18-65 are welcome to join our community and sisterhood at Villa Tranquil Recovery. Come spend time in our beautiful home located in Jupiter Farms, Florida after your primary care treatment program. For information, call:  214-799-3080