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Meaningful Movement

Everything that you do in your recovery should be done with intent. If you often find yourself on autopilot, you aren’t doing things with intent. Today, Villa Tranquil is going to explore the benefits of meaningful movement in recovery. There are endless benefits that movement can have for you if you give meaningful movement a shot!

Making Fitness Fun

If you aren’t used to exercising, you might not think of it as something that you can turn into a fun and rewarding activity. Many people think about exercise as a way to improve physical health and shed weight. Although this can be the case, exercising is great for mental and emotional health too. Making fitness fun means finding activities that work for your lifestyle. It isn’t about exercising for results, it’s about exercising to feel better and have fun. 

Move Intuitively

Moving intuitively means moving from a place of respect for yourself. Moving intuitively isn’t about moving with the goal of losing weight, but instead is about moving with the goal of caring for yourself and trusting that you are taking into account your whole being while exercising. Think about the last time you did a more physical workout. Did you find yourself pushing through pain to complete the exercise because you knew it would help you shed weight or increase endurance? If so, you weren’t moving with intuition. Intuitive movement is listening to what your body needs. Starting now, get in touch with yourself and trust what your body is telling you. Movement should be an act of self-care. 

Practice Presence

Having self-awareness when you are exercising is important in knowing what your body needs from you. While exercising, it’s important to be in the present moment. Let go of your worries about the past and future, and focus on what you are doing now. Tune in to your body and see what it is telling you. When do you enjoy working out? How do you know when your body needs more exercise or has had enough? What movements make you feel free? Being present in your workout means that each exercise you do works for you. Your workout yesterday doesn’t have to be your workout today because your needs are always evolving. Practice presence today while you’re moving. Make your movement meaningful.


Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help you implement meaningful movement in your recovery. Call us today to inquire about our programs at 214-799-3080. We can’t wait to hear from you!