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Medication Management

One critical component of your recovery journey that is often overlooked is medication management. When someone has dealt with addiction in the past, it is even more crucial that they take extreme care when determining what types of medication are safe for them to take in recovery. Medication that is misunderstood or mistaken can have a detrimental effect on your recovery.

Recovery is a team effort. You must feel comfortable with all of your team members, especially your prescriber and your pharmacist. Both of these professionals can assist you in managing medications and ensure there are no adverse reactions or consequences. Medications can have unusual reactions when mixed with one another. Also, for someone that may have had a history of drug or alcohol abuse, some drugs may trigger those addictive behaviors or compromise the progress you’ve made thus far in your recovery.  

It is also critical to understand how a new medication may affect your recovery. Some medications are widely known for being addictive in nature and should likely not be given to someone in recovery. Keeping communication lines open with your prescriber and your pharmacist will minimize the possibility of jeopardizing your sobriety. Drugs such as opioids, benzodiazepines, and psychostimulants are all known to be highly addictive and should be avoided, or at least taken with extreme care, by anyone that is in recovery.

Honesty is a huge part of successful medication management. Make sure your doctors, prescribers, and pharmacists are fully aware of your relationship with addiction. Even when you’ve been in recovery for a while, it is crucial that your medical professionals be knowledgeable of these things. Your past issues with addiction may impact the drugs they prescribe for you or the treatment plan altogether.

Medication management is an integral part of your recovery. Throughout your recovery journey, your health will fluctuate, and your needs will change. Staying on top of medications is a priority. For women between the ages of 18 and 65, Villa Tranquil offers a peaceful, positive environment to ease into that transition. At Villa Tranquil, you will learn coping skills and life skills that will help you in recovery. Medication management is a vital part of this process, and Villa Tranquil’s educated staff will support you through this transition. Please call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to speak with an addiction consultant and to ensure you get all the support you need during your recovery.