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Meditation in Recovery

Addiction often occurs when a person doesn’t have effective coping mechanisms. Frankly, coping mechanisms are not taught and people are generally required to learn them through trial and error. Sometimes people aren’t given the right set of tools to develop those strategies proficiently. When they find themselves dealing with great amounts of stress, they turn to drugs and alcohol. During treatment, new coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with stress are taught and the patient takes those new strategies out into the real world and puts them to use. If they don’t get a good grasp on these, they are more likely to relapse as they will turn back to drugs or alcohol to help them handle the excessive stress.

Meditation is an excellent means to solidify those coping strategies. While in treatment, learning to meditate can help immensely. Possibly starting with a shorter meditation, those few minutes the patient is forced to deal with their feelings, discomfort, and potential negativity. Every time the patient mediates they become more and more comfortable dealing with those feelings and negative sensations. Over time, it really isn’t that big of a deal any more, they are at peace with that level of stress.

In recovery, and in life in general, there will be stress and there will be negatively. As the patient realizes that it is ok to feel these things and they are comfortable with the stress, the reaction to reach for drugs and alcohol is diminished significantly.

Meditation also slows things down and gives a person time to think things through. It diffuses emotion and encourages logic reasoning. Irrational tendencies fade away and confident, relaxed decision making takes precedent.

While some people think more is better when it comes to meditation, it really is different for everyone. Try starting with a shorter meditation and increase as you go until you find the right length of meditation for you. Once meditation is part of your routine, you will likely find yourself truly looking forward to your meditations and they may even become a favorite part of your day!    

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