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Mentalization-Based Therapy – Is it Right for you?

There is a myriad of therapies available in today’s society to tackle the ramifications of a long time struggle with addiction. The trouble then becomes finding out which therapy will be most effective for you. The good news is that you may find more than one works and some may even work well together. Therapy may be a part of your long-term recovery plan, and that leaves you with plenty of time to find the right fit for you. There may be times when one type of therapy works well and then as you evolve in your recovery another variety of therapy may be more appropriate. This is yet another means of making the most of your recovery journey. Participating in a range of therapies can be an enjoyable activity as you will learn more about yourself with each session. Each therapy focuses on different aspects of you and has much to teach you along the way.

One such therapy used for those dealing with addiction is referred to as Mentalization Based Therapy. This is a therapy centered around a person’s ability to create and understand insightful, meaningful behaviors and thoughts throughout your life. This natural skill allows people to have healthy relationships, understand one another and empathize, and to have a sense of purpose. Those that struggle with mentalization have difficulty communicating, cannot put others’ needs above their own, and often tend to hurt others with their actions. When dealing with addiction, your ability to mentalize is often compromised.  

For those of us in recovery, the ability to properly mentalize is essential. Mentalization Based Therapy provides the patient with tools to enhance this skill and in turn, see the benefits in the quality of their relationships and the outlook they have on their own life. Mentalization Based Therapy was initially used primarily for people with personality disorders, but it has since expanded into many realms of which addiction is one. Mentalization Based Therapy can help those in recovery to look outside of themselves, become more emotionally stable, and create feelings of worthiness.   

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