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Mind, Body, and Soul

Villa Tranquil Recovery wholeheartedly believes in treating the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. There are times we nurture our physical health and our mental health takes a toll. There are other times that we are focused on our mental health and our physical health may be lacking. There are many aspects of our health, and we need to make sure to nourish them all equally. Here are six different areas of wellness that we should focus on supporting.

  • Career

By nurturing our career wellness, we are making sure we are working hard at our jobs or in school. We want the work we are doing to feel purposeful. We want to be satisfied with what we are doing. If you find yourself lacking a sense of satisfaction and purpose in what you’re doing, maybe you aren’t nurturing your career wellness as much as you should be. 

  • Emotional

Emotional wellness is understanding what you’re feeling and then being able to cope with your feelings in a healthy way. If you aren’t able to identify what you’re feeling, you may not be paying enough attention to emotional wellness. If you are unable to cope in a safe and healthy way, it may be another sign that you need to pay more attention to emotional wellness. 

  • Intellectual

Intellectual wellness can be achieved by stepping out of your comfort zone. It also can be doing things that are skillful and push you to be a better person. To nurture your intellectual health, you can participate in creative activities like doing a hobby. 

  • Physical

Nurturing your physical wellness calls for making sure you are physically healthy. Get moving! Do some light exercise and eat healthy food on a normal routine. Getting adequate sleep is also an important part of physical wellness. 

  • Social

Social wellness is all about connecting with other people. If you find yourself isolating, you probably aren’t paying enough attention to your social wellness. You should be engaging with other people on a regular basis. Positive interaction is key.

  • Spiritual

Making sure your spiritual wellness is nurtured means believing in something bigger than yourself. Bringing meaning to your life in this way is important. You can practice a religion or even just mindfulness. Spiritual health can be achieved from many different things. 

Villa Tranquil Recovery wants to help you keep all areas of wellness in mind as we help you reach recovery. Engaging all areas of wellness helps to treat the whole being. Call today at 214-799-3080 for more information about how Villa Tranquil Recovery can work with you to achieve recovery.