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Mindfulness Basics

Planet Mindful released an article titled, “Learning to live with yourself.” Front and center on the first page is a great reminder for their readers: “Mindfulness is not designed to take you away from the difficulties in your life, but to help you accommodate them more comfortably.” 

For some, mindfulness can seem like a lofty thing that they can’t wrap their heads around. It doesn’t have to be, though. You must, however, go into a mindfulness exercise that you will not rid yourself of all of your problems. That just isn’t how it works. You must go into mindfulness with an open mind and with compassion, says Julie Bueno, the author of the article. Bueno says that mindfulness and compassion can exist together. You cannot have one without the other, she says. 

Ed Halliwell, a respected mindfulness teacher, according to Bueno, explains that through his research, he has found that meditation “[enables] us to parent ourselves through the loving observation of mindfulness.” You must allow yourself to let go during meditation for it to truly work. Letting go also means letting go of your expectations. Halliwell explains that he asks his course participants to let go of their goals and expectations for mindfulness, too. He says you must trust the uncertainty. You must commit to being okay with not knowing. 

For Plant Mindful, Bueno gives the basics of mindfulness as follows:

  • “Decide to set time aside: mindfulness won’t happen without an intention. There’s no need for a cushion to sit on or props.”
  • “Simply observe the present moment: this isn’t about emptying the mind of reaching for peace or calm.”
  • When the mind wanders, which it definitely will gently bring it to the ‘here and now.’ This process of ‘returning’ is an integral part of mindfulness.”
  • “Notice any judgments: the trickiness about the practice is ‘just observing’ without getting caught up in what our mind may tell us.”
  • “Notice how ‘warm’ you are inside: mindfulness depends upon our kindness to ourselves.” 

Villa Tranquil Recovery wants to help you learn mindfulness techniques. We want to help you learn to let go and trust the process. Commit to it today with Villa Tranquil Recovery. Call now at 214-799-3080 for more information about how we can help you. We can’t wait to hear from you.