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Power Up Your Mornings With These Power Morning Moves

We don’t all jump out of bed like super heroes. What we do before we fall asleep, how we sleep, and many other factors contribute to the way we wake up in the morning. Not everyone is a morning person, however, it is possible to have a powered up morning with a few simple powered up suggestions.

Don’t fall for the snooze button- it lies

The snooze button might be the greatest deception invented in all of history. Convincing us that those sweet nine or so extra minutes actually help us get more sleep by sleeping in a little later is a lie. Most scientific research indicates that hitting the snooze too many times is worse for your energy. You won’t actually feel as refreshed as you think you will because every time you dive back into dreamland you’re doing your brain a disservice by not falling into deep sleep.

Take some you time in the morning

Unfortunately, most people use their phones as their alarm clocks. One of the best things you can do is shut off your phone and use a traditional clock to make sure you get up- without hitting snooze and without getting on your phone. Switching straight into your home screen is full of temptations to check your email, scroll through your newsfeed on social media, or other distractions. Try doing a waking up gratitude journal, meditation and light stretching before falling into the digital world.

Drink a glass of water

The recommended duration of sleep is typically six to eight hours, yet scientists are starting to push for eight to ten hours of sleep which is a long time without eating or drinking anything. Unless you wake up and sip some water a few times during the night, you are generally waking up dehydrated. After going to the bathroom and emptying what is left in your bladder, make sure to drink a tall glass of room temperature water. You’ll rehydrate and refresh, plus you will kick start your metabolism for the day.


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