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Prevention Campaigns for our Youth – Do they Really Work?

All across the country, our youth participate in prevention campaigns in an effort to raise awareness about the harmful consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. With opioid addiction on the rise and the percentage of teen girls and women dealing with alcohol and illicit drug addiction increasing significantly, the effectiveness of such programs must be analyzed.

The most popular prevention program directed to our youth is DARE, a well-known program designed to work with local law enforcement to encourage children and young adults to “just say no” to drugs and alcohol. Many studies have been done to determine the effectiveness of programs like DARE and the results are mostly inconclusive. Some experts believe the programs do more harm than good, claiming that they create a higher level of familiarization with drugs and alcohol and remove some of the fear from young people. They also suggest that the programs create a negative impression of law enforcement and may even sensationalize drug and alcohol abuse.

To the contrary, supporters of these prevention programs have a different view on their effectiveness, primarily because they have a different goal in mind. Those that believe in the program feel the primary objective is not to prevent young people from using drugs and alcohol, but instead, it is to raise awareness. Make sure young people understand the negative consequences involved with drug and alcohol abuse and ensure they are informed. The decisions are up to them, but with these programs in place, they will be able to make educated decisions. Are there going to be kids that complete these programs and still do drugs? Absolutely. However, the intention behind these programs is to provide education and raise awareness. Research substantiates the claims that prevention programs do effectively raise awareness.

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