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Psychological Factors of Addiction

There are many potential causes of addiction. The origins of addiction have been the focus of many studies over recent decades. While there are many theories about the causes, one thing remains true. There are psychological factors that affect a person’s likelihood to become a victim of addiction.

Some psychological factors that influence addiction include a variety of mental illnesses including mood disturbances, cognitive difficulties, and emotional conditions. Research shows that over half of all those suffering from addiction also have symptoms of at least one other mental disorder. This research is inconclusive as to whether the addiction caused the mental issues or if the psychological problems caused the addiction. This is largely similar to the chicken and the egg metaphor.

Understand that these psychological factors certainly don’t mean there is anything wrong with you if you are dealing with addiction. They merely suggest that addiction isn’t something to be taken lightly. It isn’t just the cumulative value of a series of decisions. In some cases, there are deeply ingrained psychological influences to consider. What does this mean to you? It says that you need to get help as soon as you can. You need to take steps to understand addiction and create a plan to help you rise above addiction. You may not have any symptoms of mental problems, other than the issue of addiction, but dealing with addiction puts you at risk for other psychological conditions. Take care of yourself and get the help you need.

Within the concept of psychological factors, the idea of a person having an addictive personality comes into play. This is a concept stating that some people have personality characteristics that make them more susceptible to addiction. These traits put them at a higher risk of becoming addicted than someone who lacks those personality traits. The idea is that two people could be in similar situations and only one would find themselves dealing with addiction, while the other may have no side effects.    

Regardless of the cause of addiction, there is no doubt it is debilitating, dangerous, and it destroys lives. You don’t need to live in fear of addiction. You can beat addiction with the right support system on your side. Villa Tranquil is a full-service recovery center that provides you with the tools you need to overcome addiction. Call Villa Tranquil today at 214-799-3080 to speak with an addiction expert and get the help you need now. Don’t let addiction control your life.