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Putting Away the Mask…Stop Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not

It happens every day, and it happens to people from all walks of life. No matter how successful, how wealthy, or how attractive a person is, there will still be times they will wear a mask. We all do it! When it is easier to be someone other than who we are, or when we don’t want everyone to see who we really are, we put on the mask.

Sometimes when dealing with addiction, we wear the mask so much that we begin to forget who we are underneath it and we start to be scared of what we will find when we take off the mask. Life wasn’t meant to be lived behind a mask. Our genuine selves don’t get to experience life behind the mask.

The mask can be a shield that we use to protect ourselves from judgment and criticism. When we wear it, we tend to feel safer and less vulnerable. At the same time, we detach from the life we are living, and we rob ourselves of the incredible joy and excitement that we are meant to experience.

Often, the fear of rejection and judgment is so much worse than the actual feelings. In fact, as humans we worry so much about what might happen when so often it never happens anyways, so all that energy spent worrying is wasted.

Energy is a priceless commodity. Don’t waste an ounce of energy worrying about what might happen when instead you can focus that energy on living in the moment. Embrace the moment by putting away the mask and letting your true self see the world. You will find that people love you! They love the real you, not the you that wears the mask. The people that don’t like the real you aren’t worthy of your time, so let them go and don’t waste any of your energy on them.

The more you enjoy the world without the mask, the more comfortable you will be with yourself. In time, you won’t remember what it felt like to wear the mask, and the sense of freedom will be such a huge relief. Your recovery journey is about you. It is about becoming the best version of you and even more importantly about falling in love with you. Put away the mask, and fall in love with you.

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