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Questions For Mindful Eating

The New Year often bring’s women’s attention to their bodies and their diets. Women will crash into highly restrictive diets and rigorous workout plans without taking the time to mindfully tune into what their unique and individual body really needs. Mindfulness is a highly recommended practice for recovery, full of benefits for mind, body, and spirit. Applying mindfulness to eating is just one way to expand your recovery and embrace it in all areas of life.

  • What do I want to eat? If you want to eat a sweet treat, for example, indulge in a small portion, rather than an entire meal of sweets and treats. The same goes if you want to eat vegetables, fruits, or proteins. Moderate what you want, and what you want will never be a problem. To identify what you want, take a deep breath and turn your attention inward. Try to notice what your mind is telling you as well as what your body is telling you.
  • What do I need to eat? There is a difference between want and need. Women often joke that nobody really wants to eat a salad, they just think they have to eat a salad. Science and practical experience has shown that you can change what your body desires. It is still important to honor your body and not cause any restrictions.
  • Is my body telling me something? Sometimes, when you feel overly hungry and craving a particular food, it is a sign that your body is dehydrated. Use your mindfulness skills to do a body scan and check in with how your body feels. Focus on the thought of drinking some water and notice how your mind and body react. If it is water you need, drink a large glass of water before making a food choice.
  • How am I feeling emotionally? Food is a deeply emotional experience. Sometimes, when you are craving certain foods, you are not being mindful of your emotions. You might be choosing to eat out of stress, sadness, anger, and other emotions. Using food to cope with emotions is not a healthy choice. Regulate your emotions, talk it out with a trusted individual, and make a different decision when it comes to food time.


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