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Quick Self-Care Tips

When people sometimes think of self-care, they think of sitting in a warm bath for hours to decompress. However, there are quick things you can do — 30 minutes or less — that can help give you a reset on your day. You may find yourself feeling extra stressed during your workday. Allow yourself to take a timeout to practice some self-care to help you feel better. These are things you can do on your lunch break if you’re in a moment of anxiety, or for preventative methods before or after work. It’s important to practice self-care during moments where you aren’t stressed so that it becomes second nature when you do find yourself in a stressful situation. Here’s a list of things you can do to lighten your mood and reduce anxiety.

  • I need to express myself…
  • Try to do something that gets your creative juices flowing. Find ways to express your feelings in a healthy way. This can be done by creating something for yourself or for a loved one.
  • Write in a journal
  • Draw or paint
  • Put on music and dance to the beat 
  • Practice a hobby you love
  • I need to rest…
    • Take your mind off of your stressors by relaxing. You deserve a quick bout of rest and relaxation. This doesn’t have to be a large, drawn-out thing. Allow yourself to take a break and sit quietly to do one of these things.
      • Take a quick power nap
      • Watch part of a movie or TV show
      • Listen to music
      • Read
  • I need a friend…
    • Companionship is necessary for self-care. If you feel like you need a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear, reach out to someone you love. 
      • Write a nice letter or text to get your feelings out
      • Call a family member
      • Ask a friend to coffee
  • I need to recharge my health and spirituality…
    • Self-care doesn’t always have to be mental. You also need to nurture your physical and spiritual well-being. Practice one of these things, especially during a moment where you aren’t stressed. This will help get you in the habit of completing these activities when you are stressed. 
      • Go for a walk
      • Drink water and eat a healthy snack
      • Pray or meditate
      • Do some yoga

If you’re struggling to take care of yourself, reach out to Villa Tranquil Recovery today. We are here for you. Try not to overthink self-care or reaching out for help. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Call today for more information at 214-799-3080. We can’t wait to hear from you.