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Quotes To Keep In Mind

There are sayings that are so overused that they become annoying to hear. These clichés help no one because they have lost their meaning. There are many of these written and said about mental health that do more harm than good. We put together a list of five quality non-clichés to remind yourself of when things get tough. Check them out below. 

“Live less out of habit and more out of intent.” (Unknown)

Although a routine is helpful during recovery, falling into habits are not as helpful. When you get into a rut, you tend to begin to go through the motions. Self-care ends up becoming a habit, something to check off your daily to-do list and then forget about until tomorrow. Instead of letting your self-care routine become habitual, put forth good intentions. Practice self-care because you want to, because you know you need to. Intentions should be purposeful. You should look forward to performing an action of self-care. Be enthusiastic about your recovery.

“You are not a burden for having burdens that you are learning to lay down. You are not a failure for not reaching the heights you thought you’d reach by now.” (Morgan Harper Nichols)

Everyone has gone through a rough patch where they need to lean on a family member or friend. All of us carry burdens that those around us are unaware of. Oftentimes, we end up feeling guilty about carrying our burdens with us to the table. However, each and every one of us at the table has burdens. Some hide them on their laps and under the table. Others lay them out for all to see. Whatever you do with your burdens, don’t feel guilty for carrying them. Lay them down. Let your guard down. Burdens do not equal failures. There is no set timeline when you should reach a certain point. Your burdens impact your future. Embrace them.

“You are not in competition with anyone else.” (Unknown)

There is no need to feel as though you are competing with those around you. Life isn’t a race. There isn’t a finish line you must get to in a certain time frame. You are allowed to go at your own pace. Don’t take peaks at what’s around you. Try to let yourself take your time and enjoy the ride.

“Trauma creates changes you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change that you do choose.” (Unknown)

Change is inevitable. It’s the type of change that’s important. Things will get tough. Everyone will go through a trauma in their life; no matter how big or small, it will change them. This we cannot ignore. What we do have a say in, however, is how we heal. Will we allow the trauma to change us? Are we going to lay down and take it? Or, are we going to choose healing and recovery each and every day? It’s your choose. We help you choose recovery.

“1 in 4 people, like me, have a mental health problem. Many more people have a problem with that.” (Stephen Fry)

Stigma is a strong force that often keeps people from seeking help. What we must remember is that although some people are going to be stigmatizing, there are even more people that understand what you are going through and support you. You are not alone. Seek help at Villa Tranquil Recovery today.