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Rather Than Indulge On Sugar This Valentine’s Day, Indulge On Healthy Treats Instead

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with sugary sweets and treats. Chocolates and candies swarm our pharmacy and grocery store aisles as many people prepare to give boxes of chocolates, bags of candies, and other sugary treats as a sign of affection. Love can be both sugar and spice. A night, or more like, a week or two, of indulging in sugary Valentine’s Day sweets, can hurt the body. Sugar is a stimulant substance which can harm the mind and the body by mixing up emotional equilibrium and shutting down the immune system. Research has linked sugar to inflammation, which causes diseases and disorders including cancer. Some studies have even found a connection between sugar consumption and Alzheimer’s.

For women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, the combination of heightened emotions and spiked blood sugar can be a dangerous combination. Getting “sugar high” leads to a sugar “crash”. Crashing down from sugar can include many uncomfortable symptoms like irritability, rash emotions, aggression, cravings, and more. Especially in the early stages of recovery, these experiences can lead to cravings for alcohol or drugs. Alcohol converts to sugar in the body. Many drugs are stimulants, which sugar can imitate. Too much sugar can trick the body into craving drugs and alcohol. Though women are often encouraged to turn to a piece of something sweet rather than a drug or a drink, creating new health patterns of eating in early recovery is important for longevity in health and wellness.

Today’s health and wellness trends include an endless amount of varieties on beloved Valentine’s Day favorites. Rather than consume processed, sugar-saturated treats, women can create healthy, superfood-infused, low-sugar treats that taste delicious without the negative consequences. Opting for whole food ingredients and healthy alternatives to processed norms creates better nutrition. Additionally, proactively making healthier choices for the body is beneficial for the mind and soul as well.

Some super food ideas you can try this Valentine’s Day:

  • Real peanut butter, peanut butter cups
  • Chocolate made with coconut oil and raw cacao
  • Infusing maca into chocolate treats
  • Creams or mousses made with cashew or coconut base
  • Natural sweeteners like: stevia, raw honey, monk fruit extract
  • Homemade frozen yogurt or ice cream
  • Protein based baked treats using legumes

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