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Real Moments of Being a Woman in Sobriety

Experiencing sobriety as a woman is an experience like none other. These are some of the real moments of being a woman of sobriety.

Being at your most serene, then getting your period

“The Big Book”, Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t mention women much, aside from a chapter aptly appropriated to the wives of male alcoholics. The program of spiritual living outlined by the 12 steps is the foundational backbone of most modern treatment. Universal in nature, what is often left out is the fact that women have a distinctly different experience in life due to their monthly period. Women face the hilarity of living the serenity prayer and the common recovery saying “life on life’s terms” to the fullest as a result of their changing hormones. Life’s terms include ups and downs which, for a woman, can be mostly guaranteed at least once a month. Serenity is never a constant and the “spiritual reprieve” of the recovery lifestyle is contingent upon daily activities. However, a woman in sobriety is known to be feeling her best, most serene sober self, only to be met with the fury of monthly hormones. Though she faces emotional and physical challenges she can ultimately laugh: nothing will stand in the way of her sobriety.

Realizing that your sobriety doesn’t change other people

There are still friends who are less than wonderful. There are still social circles of women which are nothing less than intolerable. Bosses can still be sexist, offensive, and discriminatory. Men, or women, on the street can be verbally or even physically aggressive. Women realize that their sobriety doesn’t change other people or other people’s lives- directly. When a woman fully embraces and embodies her recovery, she does leave an impact on others- often in ways she cannot realize. For the most part, however, it is she who changes, rather than the world around her. Thankfully, she is capable of acceptance as a result. No person, place, or thing can disrupt her serenity without her permission.

Facing extra shame and stigma in early recovery

Being an alcoholic or an addict is one thing. Being a woman who is fighting to overcome an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is another. Women shouldn’t be addicts or alcoholics, according to society. A woman who enters recovery is often met with more shame and stigma than she was on the outside of treatment. She overcomes societal standards by learning how to define herself by herself, according to her own terms.

Acting your most raw, vulnerable, fierce self

On her journey to becoming an authentic and compassionate woman of recovery, she will find herself at her most raw and vulnerable. Even in her moments of feeling the most weak, she will realize she is truly at her most fierce. Through her brokenness and her tears she is developing tremendous strength and experience which will benefit her for the rest of her life.


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