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Real Risks Females Face As Addicts And Alcoholics

What women are willing to endure for the sake of intoxication is a metaphor for what women are willing to endure for the sake of living. The threats of the addicted women are no different than those that face women on a daily basis simply because they are female. A women under the influence of drugs and alcohol, however, doesn’t have the cognitive or physical capabilities at her disposal to fight back and stand up for herself. In many ways, the female addict or alcoholic gives up her self-worth and self-esteem with each hit, high, drink and drunk. Addicts and alcoholics are typically already lacking in self-worth and self-esteem, which inspires their ongoing drug use. Women who prioritize the high at the end of the struggle serve as living examples of that metaphor. The worth of a woman is thrown to the side in the hope of some kind of relief- maybe I won’t get hit, maybe I won’t get assaulted, maybe I won’t die, but maybe I’ll get high, maybe I’ll get drunk.

The voice that many of the rest of women and others call intuition is lost when a woman is for one, intoxicated, and for another, has had her mind altered by the disease of addiction. Impaired cognitive functions disable a woman’s ability to think rationally and take potential negative consequences into critical consideration. When a woman’s motor functions are damaged, she cannot fight back physically as she is disconnected from control over her limbs and her muscles. Women who have faced repeated assault of any kind develop symptoms of PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. A common experience of PTSD when it comes to sexual or physical assault is experiencing a “freeze” when assault is happening again. Women are often shamed in harmful ways for “putting themselves” in a situation to be assaulted. Then, they are criticized for not fighting back during an assault. Tonic immobility is a scientifically proven experience where the symptoms of PTSD become overwhelming in the face of an assault and a woman is “frozen”.

Additionally, the physical effects of drugs and alcohol play a part. Advanced stages of addiction include the development of a tolerance threshold and an ever-increasing need for an ever-increasing amount of substances. Visual disruptions, hallucinations, euphoria, passing out, blacking out, and other debilitations put women at risk. Rape, abduction, physical assault, sexual assault, violence, sex trafficking, transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, faulty drugs, or potentially, death are all risks magnified when a woman is living with severe addiction.

If you are a woman who is struggling with addiction, there is help available. You are deserving of a life free from addiction. Villa Tranquil welcomes you to a unique transitional living opportunity. Our beautiful home in Jupiter Farms, Florida, offers a safe and serene environment where women can progress in their recovery and their lives. Call us today for information: 214-799-3080