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Reasons Women Dealing with Addiction Seek Treatment

Making the decision to seek help with an addiction is a huge commitment. Often one of the most challenging decisions to make, and to follow through on, women are making this decision for some very specific reasons. Indeed, it is a personal decision, and it is unique to the person dealing with that addiction; however, there are some commonalities among women and this immense decision.

Contrary to popular belief, the primary reason women seek treatment is not for their children. This myth has been circulating for decades. It is just not the case. Women are less likely to seek treatment when they have children in the home under their care. This is due to the sheer logistical difficulties in seeking treatment. Who will take care of the kids? Who will make them meals and take them to school? So many women are still primary caregivers for their children, and there aren’t always a lot of options for these women.  

Another common misnomer is the notion that women seek treatment because they are embarrassed by their issue with addiction, and they can’t handle the stigma belonging to addiction. Once again, the opposite is true. Women deal with a much stronger stigma when it comes to addiction. Many women in recovery discuss the difficulties in being a woman dealing with addiction. There is a certain level of shame involved for women. That shame is often accompanied by guilt and, in turn, depression. All of these negative emotions make recovery more difficult as they often spiral down towards a relapse. Addiction and recovery tend to be more emotional for women. Research has shown that the majority of men in recovery don’t even consider their low self-esteem or lack of confidence as being contributing factors to their addiction. For women, issues with self-esteem and thoughts of worthlessness profoundly influence their motivation to seek treatment.

Women and men react to addiction very differently, and recovery is unique to each as well. As women, we have our own reasons for seeking treatment. With so many differences, it is essential that treatment be designed specifically for women. Once primary treatment is complete, often the transition from treatment to recovery can be daunting. Villa Tranquil offers a supportive community for women ages 18-65 to join one another in creating a life of sobriety. At Villa Tranquil women learn together to create the lives they deserve. Call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to speak with an addiction expert today.