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Rebuilding Relationships in Recovery

Addiction is tough on everyone, not just the person that is addicted. Friends, family, and coworkers all deal with the aftermath of addiction. Even when the individual enters recovery, the damage to relationships often lingers if not addressed. Sometimes negative feelings such as embarrassment, regret, anger, and resentment last longer than expected. These feelings can root themselves deep inside, and if left unaddressed, they fester and grow. Fear of what other people will say or think often inhibits those in recovery from attempting to renew the relationships that have suffered during an active addiction. It doesn’t need to be this way.

When a meaningful relationship is injured during an addiction, they are not always destined to fail. These relationships are essential for a reason. They may be family, lifelong friends, or even a co-worker with which you share a cubicle. These relationships can be important for varying reasons and to different degrees. Nonetheless, they are important. They are significant enough to attempt to reconcile. They will likely never be the same relationships, but in some cases, they are stronger for all of the turmoil.

When in recovery, it is crucial to make peace with yourself and with all of the decisions you made while dealing with addiction. You may have made bad choices, selfish decisions, or reckless decisions. To move on in your recovery and to move on with your life, you must take responsibility for those decisions. Apologize where you need to and make sure those affected by your poor decisions understand that you are taking full responsibility for your own actions. Let them know you are committed to your recovery. Let them know that you understand how your decisions had a negative impact on them and make sure you acknowledge their thoughts and feelings about the situation. Lastly, do not have high expectations. You can’t control their response to your words, but you can control your own actions. Commit to yourself and your recovery. As they see your commitment, not just in words, but also in your actions, they will be more likely to desire the rebuilding of the relationship, as well. Remember, it takes time and patience to rebuild relationships damaged by addiction.

Villa Tranquil is a facility that encourages recovery and assists in creating positive changes throughout your life. Education is crucial to building these positive changes, and Villa Tranquil offers programs that teach about goal setting, healthy eating, exercise, and other vital components to sober living. For more information, please call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to speak with someone about how Villa Tranquil may be the perfect place for your transition into sobriety.