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Recognize and Accept Your Emotions

Many people tend to push their emotions away. They think that if they can separate themselves from what they are feeling as best as possible, then a difficult situation won’t be able to impact them negatively. This method can cause more harm than good, however. The more you understand your emotions, the more likely you will be to recognize and accept them.

Understanding Your Emotions

Instead of denying any uncomfortable and challenging feelings, evaluate them honestly. Maybe that comment from your friend was a letdown or the loss of something special hurt. Whether you acknowledge your feelings or not, they will always be there. So, it’s better to accept them and use them in your favor than to deny them and have them cause you pain. 

Some people may struggle more than others with the idea of accepting and expressing their emotions. If you are one of these people, allow yourself the time and space to sit with your feelings. Often, people who have experienced a loss or trauma will keep themselves busy to avoid facing their emotions. Instead of loading your schedule with distractions, permit yourself to take some time for yourself. Carve out time to meditate, journal, work out, or any other hobby that allows you to let your mind wander. Talking to someone in your support system can also help you delve into why you are feeling what you are feeling.

Expressing Your Emotions

Once you’re able to recognize and accept your emotions, you can find healthy ways to express them. You can use some of the techniques above to express your feelings. The key is to find something that works for you. If you can find a healthy and safe way to check-in with yourself, and express your emotions, allow yourself to go to that place when you feel overwhelmed. Remember that although you may have dealt with similar emotions already, it’s essential to be consistent with your self-care. Furthermore, understand that you can’t always control a situation the way you’d like. You’re going to find that you’re uncomfortable. Take the same approach here as you would with understanding your emotions.


Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help you recognize and accept any difficult emotions that you might be harboring that are contributing to your substance abuse. Emotional regulation is a crucial skill we teach here at Villa Tranquil Recovery. We also offer various other programs that can fit your recovery needs. Call our staff today at 214-799-3080. We can’t wait to speak with you and get you the help you need. Your healthy, happy, and sober life is just a few steps away. Call Villa Tranquil Recovery now!